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About us

Welcome to Pratheeksha teaching Centre

When western kochi was blind folded in the field of education, when the students of this area had no hope for their future, A lime light arose at FortKochi in the year of 1991 with the name "Pratheeksha".

'Pratheeksha' was just a humble attempt by a few young men who had a good heart and soul, who were unselfish in their acts. It was this unselfishness that God almighty saw in their heart and the creator bestowed his grace. Since then "Pratheeksha" never had to look back.

The first centre was started at Da'wathul Islam Trust, Thuruthi(Fortkochi). After two years a branch was opened at I.D.A. Building Kochangadi. Next year another branch started at A.M.I. Building, Thangala Nagar (Palluruthy).After five years the Headquarters was moved to Seelat building, NewRoad(Mattancherry).There after, started a new branch at N.I.M Building,Nellukadave (Fortkochi).At the 10th year started a 5th branch at I.C.A Building,kacherypady(Palluruthy). Every year thousands of pupils from 5th to Higher secondary classes exploring the service from Pratheeksha Teaching Centre

By the grace of Allah almighty all these centres has taught thousands of students and paved way for their better future. The staff of 'Pratheeksha' is unlike any other private educational institutions. When they teach their pupils, their heart consider it as an act of worship to the one and only. That spiritual touch made their service unmatched to any other acts of men. We pray with bowed heads to take us to heights and leaps then ever before.

Certifide Teachers

A certified teacher is a teacher who has earned credentials from an authoritative source, such as the govern

Library Services

We setup fully functional libraries in each and every branches. All our libraries has large collection of books, periodicals and cd roms.

IT Lab

Our IT lab is equiped with highly configured computers. Internet enabled IT lab help students to grab the knowledge from the cyber world..

Our Focus

We understand every single person has his own abilities and limitations. We guide our students with utmost care and importance. Students will get complete support for their academic activities.


We help our pupil to prepare for their project and assignment. It doesnt mean we prepare assignments for them. We just help and motivate them to achieve their assignement and project goal.


we are the most experience and dedicated institute .

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